Acting Vice Chancellor's Message

The need for launching a website for the University Library has been felt since long. Immediately upon my joining as Vice-Chancellor, I initiated the process of hosting a separate website fully dedicated to the library in addition to the University website.
All concerned in the University echoed the urgent need for presenting the Library website incorporating relevant information that its users may require in order to take advantage of the facilities that are available in the library.
We believe that knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the digital era and library is the storehouse of that knowledge. In order to facilitate entering into the storehouse of knowledge, we need user-friendly website. With this end in view, the website has been developed by a Robust Content Management System with multiple facilities for accessing to the library’s traditional as well as e-resources and services from the users own comfort zone. 
It is our firm conviction that whatever is the cost of developing and maintaining a library, the benefits that accrue from it is always higher than its cost if the library is optimally used by the clients for which it is meant for.
We are happy to note that IUT Library has been connected with the UGC Digital Library (UDL) which is hosted by the University Grants Commission (UGC) enabling our library to have access to a wide range of electronic resources which will go a long way in facilitating our faculties and students in their study and research. 
The significance of a library does not depend on the number of books and journals and other e-resources that are available or accessible through a library. Rather it is the frequency of the use of the reading materials that makes its importance more pronounced. It is our expectation that the hosting of the library website will go a long way in the optimum utilization of the library resources.
The development of this website is not an end in itself. The use of the website will determine its relevance and implication. We will keep on revising and updating the content of the website on a regular basis and in this regard, we welcome the advice and comments from the visitors in our efforts to make the website more user-friendly.
We wish all the visitors to the website a very rewarding experience.
Dr. Omar Jah
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