Library Services

Common Services for Every user:
Bibliographic Service: Bibliographic service is provided through compilation of bibliographies. Assistance is extended in providing and preparing bibliographies, indexes and abstracts on request. Library staff are always ready to help any researchers to check their references in making citation etc.
Current Awareness Service: Current awareness service is provided through Library Bulletin/Accession Bulletin and are circulated to faculty members. To keep the IUT community updated, library maintains news clipping etc.
Indexing Service: Indexing service is provided through compilation of article index of journal. Article index is prepared in alphabetical order of title. Author and Subject index is also included at the end of volume. Subject index is prepared according to Library of congress Subject Headings and Engineering Information Thesaurus.
Document Delivery Service: Faculty members, post graduate students and researcher of IUT can make request for the documents not available at the IUT Library. These documents are collected and delivered free of cost.
ISBN and ISSN Service: ISBN and ISSN are obtained for the IUT faculty members  on request.
CD ROM Search Service: Facilities for browsing and searching of CD ROMs of books, journals etc. using micro-computers are available in the IUT Library. Faculty members are eligible for borrowing CD ROMs on request.


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