Common facilities for every user:
Reading Room Facility
IUT Library maintains reading rooms for study of library information resources. In the main room, 78 users can sit together. IUT Library has facilitated a reading room for group discussion at the lobby of west side of the Library. The students can also use their personal books at the said lobby. As many as 62 users can sit together in the lobby
Individual Study Area
IUT Library has the provision for 10 individual study of researcher, faculty and post graduate student.
Reserve Text Book Facility
Text books and course materials selected by faculty members are kept “on reserve” behind the Library Counter. These are loaned out for a short period of a few hours to faculty members with special permission from the Librarian. A student can issue reserve textbook on production of ID card from the Library Counter and use them within the Library and are not eligible for checkout.  
Photocopying Facility
Students and faculty members are eligible to get photocopy services from the Library materials. Users are responsible complying with the copyright Act. Photocopying charge is Tk. 0.50 per impression. Lecture notes of teachers are provided free of cost.
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