Borrowing facilities
  • Borrowing facilities are available to the students, teachers, and other staff members of the       university.
  • A student can borrow a maximum of 5 (five) books at any one time. A Postgraduate student may however, borrow another 2 (two) books on the recommendation of the Head of the concerned Department.
  • A teacher can borrow a maximum of 15 (fifteen) volumes at any one time. Part-time teacher can borrow a maximum of 5 (five) books at one time.
  • A staff member of the university, other than teachers can borrow a maximum of 3 (three) volumes at any one time.
Reserved books:
Reserved books (limited copies), as suggested by teachers, shall be used in the Library and may not be loaned out except for overnight use on recommendation of the teachers concerned.
Reference books: Reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, manuals, handbooks etc. are only available for use in the Library.
Periodicals, magazines and journals:
Latest issues of periodicals, magazines, and journals received in the Library are not loaned out except for overnight. The staff members and Post-Graduate students can borrow back issues of periodicals.
           Due dates for return books
  • Books should be returned on due dates stamped on the due date slips in each book. Incase the due date happened to be a holiday the book can be returned on the next working day.
  • The Librarian reserves the right to call back any item before the due date of its return.
  • All books, journals, and information resources etc. shall be returned by the students after the completion of each semester.
       Overdue fines:
Books are to be returned on their due dates. If the books are not returned on due dates, the borrower is liable to be charged an overdue fine of Tk.5.00 per volume per week, and for overnight issues Tk.1.00 per day per volume.
Lost books and periodicals:
  • The borrower shall be liable to replace a lost volume within two months or pay its replacement cost which shall be two times of the current values of the volume.
  • All lost cases must be reported to the Librarian by the borrowers immediately.
Photocopying services:
Photocopying services are available in the Library. The charge is Tk.1.00 per impression. Parts of materials as recommended by the class teachers, may be photocopied for personal use. The payment @0.50 per exposure.
Security guards:
At the entrance of the Library, a guard may check the borrowed items taken out of Library. Personal bags, books, umbrellas, overcoats, etc. shall not be allowed to be taken  inside the Library. They can be deposited with the security guard at the entrance, and taken back while leaving the Library.
               Clearance certificate:
  • A student must return all books borrowed from the Library to obtain a clearance certificate from the Librarian, after completion of his course or at the time of discontinuing his studies.
  • A clearance certificate from the Librarian is a pre-requisite for all students to obtain certificates for their respective course of studies.
  • The members of the staff are required to return all books, dissertations, information resources, etc. to the Library for obtaining clearance at the time of expiry of service with the university.
Other guidelines:
  • No one shall be allowed to borrow volumes in more than one capacity.
  • The Librarian shall have the right to refuse lending out volumes except to the borrower in person.
  • The library shall remain closed to all members during the stock-taking and all transactions shall remain stopped.
  • All volumes, irrespective of the dates of issue, shall be returned to the library on or before a date, fixed by the Librarian not more than seven days in advance, before the commencement of the stock-taking during vacation of the library.
  • A volume or volumes, may be reissued to the same borrower, at the expiry of the period for which the borrower was entitled to retain them, on physical presentation and checking of the volume or volumes, provided that there is no demand by other members for the same.
  • No volume issued to a member shall be transferred to another member without first returning the volume to the library.
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